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Vanner Inverters

Vanner power inverters offer industry-leading reliability and performance. Fleet Electric carries Vanner’s most popular equipment featuring True Sine and Industrial Trusine technology. These Pure Sine Wave Power Inverters can easily power tools, equipment, and sensitive electronics from virtually any location.

Vanner Inverter Products

Vanner makes high-quality inverters suitable for high commercial use. All Vanner inverters are UL-listed to comply with electrical requirements. Additionally, when you buy Vanner inverters through Fleet Electric you get the benefit of a four-year product warranty — double Vanner’s standard warranty offered through other distributors and four times greater than the industry standard of one year.

We can install any of the following popular Vanner models in your fleet vehicles:

  • TS12-400
  • TS12-700
  • TS12-1000
  • TS12-1500
  • TS12-2000
  • TS12-3000

The Vanner ITC and DuraSine IT/ITE series industrial inverters with TrueSine technology offer additional benefits for heavy uses. They are perfect for operating multiple pieces of equipment from a fleet vehicle. Available models include the IT12-1600, IT12-3000, IT12-3600PL, IT12-2400, and IT12-2600. Contact us today and we will help you discover what Vanner Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter is best suited for your specific application.

Benefits of Vanner Inverters

The features of Vanner inverters provide benefits to field operations. All Vanner power inverters produce clean, pure sine wave power, which is critical when operating sensitive electronics. They offer a high-efficiency rate of up to 93% to reduce power waste. Their efficiency also means they run cooler. Additional features available on some Vanner models include:

  • Automatic overload protection: protects against inverter damage during an overload
  • GFCI outlet: can help to protect users from electrical shock
  • Multiple outlets: multiple AC outlets conveniently power several devices at once
  • Remote control: remote operation can be helpful if you need to control an inverter in a difficult-to-reach location

Additionally, Vanner inverters can withstand harsh environments found in fleet vehicles, including extreme temperature fluctuations and vibration.


Vanner power inverters are ideal for powering electronics and equipment operated in and out of fleet vehicles. They can easily power compressors, computer equipment, generators, heaters, lights, medical equipment, power tools, and electronics.

Industries We Serve

Fleet Electric proudly serves private and public fleets from industries including construction, emergency response, public transportation, and road maintenance. We can outfit buses, construction trucks, emergency vehicles, and other in-field vehicles requiring power with high-quality Vanner power products.

Explore Vanner Power Inverters

Fleet Electric is a preferred Vanner distributor offering multiple models of Vanner Inverters to supply reliable power in fleet vehicles, including Vanner Pure Sine Wave Power Inverters. We provide superior customer service and professional installation, coupled with an extended warranty compared to other installers. Contact us to learn more about how Vanner Inverters can improve your fleet performance and efficiency.