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Industries Served

Industries SERVED

When your employees are on the road, they need access to everything that will make any call a success. The fleet vehicles of many industries are equipped with the tools required for the job, but no fleet is complete without a power upfitting that keeps the electricity flowing to get the job done.

Which Industries’ Fleet Vehicles Do We Serve?

With a proper upfitting, you can make any location a job site. At Fleet Electric, we help a number of industries with the power they need on the road:

  • Communications: When any communication gear in a mobile command center goes down, fleet vehicles equipped with inverters can get things rolling again. This is true for cable companies, telephone companies, internet providers, and other similar businesses.
  • Utilities: Gas and electrical companies can be flooded with calls during and after natural disasters and other emergencies. A fleet equipped with proper inverters temporarily provides gas and electrical services while the companies work to get these services back in order.
  • Municipal Services: A municipal enterprise or service fleet needs an inverter upfitting to keep the public safe and the community functioning. These services include but are not limited to; sewage & drainage, street maintenance, power & light along with other essential community enterprises.
  • Insurance: When a storm hits, your customers need you to be even faster and more efficient than ever. Your mobile claims office needs to operate 100% of the time, despite outside circumstances.
  • Public Safety: Perhaps some of the most important industries served are our public safety authorities. Whether during a natural disaster or other emergency, public safety vehicles equipped with inverters will have the right amount of power to not only do what they’re designed for but also to serve as a hub for communication.
  • Construction: Reliable power is essential on every construction site. Without a transportable inverter, safety becomes a concern, and timelines are often thrown off. Fleet Electric offers the power systems that will keep any construction site running efficiently.


At Fleet Electric, the fleet vehicles we upfit are as varied as the industries we serve. We have a diverse product line to meet the needs of every customer:

  • Custom Installs: For companies with specific or unique requirements
  • Fleet Gold: A two-part process that delivers the most cost-effective power solution.
  • Generators: A service that powers your fleet whenever and wherever it may be
  • Inverters: A popular service that takes into consideration your specific power needs
  • Water Pumps: Particularly useful for companies in public or municipal services


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Fleet vehicles in a variety of industries require the right amount of mobile power to keep your customers, and our economy, functioning. At Fleet Electric, we’re in the business of allowing your company to succeed and exceed customer expectations. Contact us today to learn more about the product lines available to your industry.