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Telecom Fleet Vehicle Upfitting

Telecom Fleets

Fleet Electric is your go-to upfitting service for inverter conversion of the most efficient telecom fleets and mobile workshops in the Northeast. Our team has more than 40 years of experience unfitting telecom and utility vehicles with the AC power systems they need to be job-site-ready. From anti-idle battery power solutions to complete telecom fleet upfitting, Fleet Electric is ready to handle any of your inverter needs.

Inverters for Telecom Fleets

Telecom fleet inverters provide reliable, safe power to run your telecom equipment, no matter where your trucks are. While an inverter usually draws its power from the vehicle, Fleet Electric also provides support with anti-idle solutions. Contact us today to see how we can maximize your telecom fleet’s efficiency.

The telecom fleet inverter you select must have sufficient capacity for the power draws you intend to use, and it must provide that power in a clean, efficient manner. For example, Vanner True Sine Wave inverters, comprised of the PROSine and PROwatt SW families, draw minimal load and provide clean power that will not damage sensitive electronic equipment. They are light and compact, which is ideal for telecom fleets where space is a premium. 

Our Inverter Brands

We install only premium inverters designed to meet the demanding applications of telecom fleets. Each one is selected for its design, capability, and durability. We are proud to offer commercial inverters from the following respected brands:

  • Samlex
  • Vanner
  • Cotek
  • Victron

Telecom Fleet Vehicle Upfitting

Our team can upfit your entire fleet of telecom vehicles with the inverter equipment you need to get the job done. When your trucks leave our facility, they are fully job-site ready. We proudly specialize in underground utility and fiber-splicing vehicles, but we can design an inverter system  for almost any type of telecom work truck, including:

  • Work Trucks
  • Mobile Office
  • Mobile Workshop
  • Bucket Trucks
  • Service Utility Vans
  • Cable Placers
  • Aerial Trucks
  • Service Trucks
  • Cable Splicing Labs
  • Testing Vans
  • Cable Fault Detection Vans
  • Service Body Trucks
  • Light Duty Work Trucks
  • Box Trucks

Learn About Our Inverters for Telecom Fleets

Fleet Electric has extensive experience upfitting telecom and utility fleets with high-quality inverters and AC power systems. If you are looking to upfit your telecom trucks with AC power systems, Fleet Electric is here to help. Our team will help you find the right inverters to meet your mobile power needs, no matter what type of trucks your telecom company utilizes. Contact us to learn about our premium inverters for telecom fleets.