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Electric Vehicle Power Inverter & EV Fleet Upfitting

EV Inverter System

Power your job site with a custom-tailored electric vehicle power inverter for an auxiliary green energy solution. Turn to a provider of custom-built solutions for standalone rechargeable batteries to run your power tools or equipment without affecting your electric vehicle battery. Learn more about an EV inverter system by Fleet Electric to see how you can improve your on-site power generation.

Electric Vehicle Power Inverter System

Some electric utility vehicles, like those from Ford, can come with an inverter that can provide power to laptops, power tools, and other equipment, but this can dramatically reduce your available driving distance. Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) for electric vehicles provide additional power through a secondary rechargeable battery and inverter system. This electric vehicle upfitting service allows you to receive power in a field that’s silent and emissions-free.

The process starts with a review of your truck, service vehicle, or other electric vehicle. We also work with you to discuss your energy needs. At Fleet Electric, we tailor our systems to provide the level of auxiliary power you need with minimal disruption at your job site. This prevents you from purchasing a system that’s unnecessarily large or running out of power in the middle of a critical project due to investing in an undersized system.

Benefits of an EV Inverter Kit

Choose an electric vehicle power inverter kit to receive the following benefits:

  • No idling sound or emissions
  • Doesn’t drain your main EV battery
  • Easily recharged
  • Customized to your specific vehicle and power needs

A quality EV inverter kit requires minimal maintenance and allows you to start reducing your carbon footprint while getting rid of your range anxiety!

Applications for EV Auxiliary Power Systems

Power inverters for EVs allow most workplaces to operate remotely, from offices to construction sites. Here are some common applications where an auxiliary power system can operate:

  • Construction projects
  • Utility crew tasks
  • Mobile events
  • Emergency response needs
  • Military operations

Not all EV auxiliary power systems can be customized to your application, so be sure to work with a provider capable of providing tailored solutions.

Find Your Tailored EV Power System Today

Choose EV fleet upfitting from Fleet Electric for custom solutions to your specific energy challenges. Request a quote today to see how we can fit an electric vehicle power inverter into your vehicle for mobile power where you need it.