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Fleet Gold Production
Fleet Gold Production

Taking the mystery out of Mobile AC Power Fleet Invert

Fleet Gold incorporates a superior system of matching your AC Power fleet invert requirements with the best, and most cost effective solutions.

Fleet Electric incorporates a two-part process

  • First: A Fleet engineer will help you to determine how much operating and reserve power you require. The duration cycle for power (i.e. intermittent, longer periods of time). The status of your current charging system. (alternator size)
  • Secondly: Fleet engineering staff (taking into consideration your budget) helps you to match your requirements with the best and most cost effective solutions available.

How is the Fleet Gold process different than other processes?

  • Experience: Fleet has over 50 years of experience. Our Fleet customer base is composed of both large national Fleets and local smaller companies and municipalities.
  • Range of Solutions: Fleet understands that one solution doesn’t fit all: We offer a wide range of pure sine wave inverters, Mobile and Portable generators, as well as other more exotic and sophisticated solutions.

How Fleet Gold Saves you Money

Fleet Gold, a division of Fleet Electric, designs and builds kits in a state of the art manufacturing facility that incorporate the best available products (inverters, generators) with the latest technologies. These kits save the installer time (typically 4-6 hours per installation), saves purchasing, receiving, material handling, assembly, time, and money while standardizing installations resulting in a higher level of quality control.

While all of these will help you to evaluate if this is the time for you to consider switching to Fleet Electric, the best opportunity is to contact us directly so that we can sit with you, demo a typical installation and show you how other companies increase quality, reduce installation time and save Money.

Please Contact Fleet Electric at 1-800-442-6668 to find a dealer/installer near you.